E-ComAd is an advertising agency always “to the point” on the client’s advertising targets and needs. The study of consumer insights and market trends is our core value. We can therefore instantly, flexibly and successfully implement our ideas and proposals according to the product we are dealing with

E-ComAd possessing the know-how, always aims for the best possible allocation and distribution of the client’s advertising budget, proposing and implementing mixed marketing activities with Above, Through & Below The Line communication.

We do NOT consider advertising to be an “inevitable evil” but, on the contrary, a vital function for a Brand Name or an Enterprise.

At E-ComAd we are aware that the consumers’ habits constantly change, and as such, we are obliged to adapt by shaping our communication accordingly based on their standards.

This is why the communication strategy we plan for our clients is based on logical procedures that are inherent with the product and our clients’ needs.